Coalition For Active Living

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Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy


The environments where all Canadians live, learn, commute, work, and play support the choice to be physically active.


To implement a comprehensive, national, integrated, and collaborative strategy to promote health through increasing the physical activity levels of all Canadians, with a short-to-mid term target of a 10% increase in each province and territory by 2010.


  1. Federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal governments will work with the voluntary sector to develop and implement policies and legislation to fully support a comprehensive, integrated, and sustained strategy.
  2. Barriers to physical activity will be removed from the physical and social environments in which Canadians live, learn, commute, work, and play.
  3. Strategies will ensure that ALL Canadians can choose to be physically active.
  4. Evidence and best practices combined with community needs and assets will guide the work of all sectors.
  5. A comprehensive research and surveillance system will ensure that information about current trends and effective policies and programs will be easily accessible.