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Board Updates November 13, 2002

Hello to all the Coalition Members and Partners:

The Coalition Board of Directors has been very busy in the last few weeks. There have been a couple of important opportunities that have arisen so I felt that it was important to send along a quick update.

Last Friday, November 8th, the Coalition submitted a brief to the Federal Government's Standing Committee on Finance. The Finance Committee is responsible for developing the next federal budget due to be released on February 14, 2003. The committee was traveling around the country listening to briefs from organizations and individuals. The Board felt that this was a critical opportunity to present the case for a National Strategy for Physical Activity complete with the request for resources similar to other national strategies. The Coalition Board decided to speak on behalf of our Active Living Community and requested a strategic investment of $500,000,000 over five years for physical activity. This is equivalent to the amount that the Federal Government allocated to Tobacco. Physical inactivity is the tobacco issue of today, and if meaningful resources are allocated to physical activity initiatives, we can turn the tide on the epidemic of physical inactivity! The Brief is attached and will be posted shortly on the Coalition web site

Dr. Art Quinney from the University of Alberta and I will be meeting with Health Minister Anne McLellan in Edmonton on Thursday. The major purpose of this meeting is to convey to the Minister that she is on the right track with her verbal support over the last few months for physical activity, but she needs to place a much higher value on and commit more resources to disease prevention. We are offering as a Coalition to work with Health Canada in a leadership role to plan the National Summit on Healthy Living and to deliver on the outcomes of this meeting. As you know, she is a champion for physical activity and we look forward to our discussions with her.

The Coalition website is being refreshed and updated. The new version will be on line soon.

As you know Steve Grundy has been contracted to begin the work of developing a Framework for a Physical Activity Strategy in preparation for the F/P/T Healthy Living Summit that will be held in March, 2003. The Board will be meeting in Hamilton Nov. 29 and will be receiving his recommendations. You can expect information about a Members/partners meeting to be held in late January by mid-December.

Thanks to all of you who sent along words of encouragement after the last Update. The Board welcomes your comments and feedback so don't be shy...please let us know what you think. The Coalition is all of us and together we can change the agenda for physical activity in Canada.


Rick Bell,
Chair, Coalition for Active Living.

Board members:
Cathie Kryzanowski: Secretary/Communications
Garth Turtle: Treasurer
Guy Tanguay
Judith Moodie
Mike Arthur: ISRC Representative
Patrick Reddick
Randy Adams: Health Canada Representative
Pat Hunt: Coalition Coordinator