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Board Updates March 14, 2003

Dear colleagues and friends,

This urgent message is to ask you to speak out for physical activity TODAY by taking part in the web-based consultation for the Pan Canadian Healthy Living Strategy that is being developed RIGHT NOW. Go to the Coalition web-site and on the home page you will find the link that will take you directly to the Healthy Living workbook along with some helpful background information like the draft Framework for a Physical Activity Strategy for Canada. It is CRITICAL that you do two things:

1. Fill out the workbook and submit it.
It is long, but you only need to do the parts that you feel are relevant. If you want to go straight there it is at

2. Get the word out through your networks about the workbook.
Send it out on your list serv; post the link on your web-site...whatever it takes to let our Federal/Provincial/Territorial Governments hear your thoughts about the Healthy Living Initiative and the role of Physical Activity/Active Living in a Healthy Living Strategy.

Here's why!!

A Federal/Provincial/Territorial Healthy Living Symposium will be held in Toronto April 28/29, 2003. The purpose of this symposium will be to bring people together to develop an integrated Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy that will focus on physical activity, healthy eating and healthy weights.

Why a Healthy Living Strategy? Many successful health promotion and disease prevention efforts are underway. However, a more concerted Pan-Canadian and integrated approach is necessary to make substantive gains in health outcomes and to reduce health disparities, thereby improving the quality of life of Canadians. There is a consultation process taking place right now to inform the development of the Integrated Pan Canadian Healthy Living Strategy. There are eight Regional Round Table meetings, the web-based workbook and the Symposium.

By filling out the Workbook you will be telling decision-makers and policy-makers about issues and barriers relating to physical activity and what you think can be done about them. Make no mistake...your voice will be heard and it will count. A very few people from the physical activity community will receive an invitation to the Round Tables and/or the Symposium.
But we can all fill in the workbook, either on-line or on paper. We must not be silent now. This is the most significant opportunity to speak out for physical activity that has happened in a VERY long time.

I'll send out updates throughout the next few weeks leading up to the Healthy Living Symposium. As information becomes available it will be posted on the Coalition for Active Living website. But for now, please invest the time in filling out the Workbook and distributing this Update as widely as you can.

We can make change...together!

Rick Bell,
Coalition for Active Living